Direction of Work
Operation Mode
Joint Development
Cooperating with banking, insurance, microfinance institutions and other financial institutions, we help develop commercial application models based on Blockchain technology, and build application platform or system.
Technical Transformation
Export the studied Blockchain system and technology scheme to enterprises in the form of technology transfer.
Business Consultation
Provide customized appropriate business model consulting services for enterprises based on the business strategy and assist enterprises in identifying, analyzing and solving the issues related to Blockchain technology in technology connotation, development trend, technology value, application landing, risk control and other fields.
Cooperation Direction
Big Data Risk Control
Discuss the application of Blockchain with commercial banks, make use of the characteristics of blockchain technology, such as high reliability, simplified process, traceable transaction, cost saving, error reduction and data quality improvement, to help improve the authenticity and risk control ability of Big Data.
Supply Chain Finance
Utilize the distributed ledger of Blockchain to solve the problems of product traceability and transaction disputes between the upstream and downstream enterprises of the supply chain, also provide business solutions for enterprises, establish the information base of historical transaction data, and introduce the credit evaluation model to reduce the difficulty of enterprise financing.
Digital Currency and Assets
 Study the framework of digital currency issuance, national digital currency in currency evolution, crypto-electronic currency issued by countries and other contents, and participates in and analyzes the design ideas, practice exploration and future prospect of the core mechanism of digital currency based on financial innovation efficiency and risk focus.
Research Direction
Blockchain Underlying Technology

Blockchain underlying technology research, asymmetric encryption algorithm, ECDSC algorithm (elliptic curve digital signature algorithm) →ECC algorithm, POS equity proof, POW workload proof, Blockchain node deployment, Blockchain hardware acceleration, Blockchain security.

Blockchain Application

Blockchain + blacklist (credit investigation), Blockchain + supply chain, Blockchain + hospital medical records, Blockchain + public security.

Big Data analysis

Innovation analysis of small and medium-sized enterprises, Enterprise persona files, Big Data analysis of regional Cash Flow, risk assessment of enterprise users, risk warning.

Text Analysis

Multilingual word segmentation, part of speech tagging, named entity, emotion analysis, central word extraction, intelligent text classification, text information extraction.