Blockchain Laboratory


Operation Mode

Joint Development, Technical Transformation, Business Consultation

Cooperation Direction

Big Data Risk Control, Supply Chain Finance, Digital Currency and Assets

Research Direction

Blockchain underlying technology, Blockchain application, Big Data analysis, Text analysis


UNNC-NFTZ Blockchain Laboratory founded on December 21(st), 2018. Our purpose is to promote the development of Blockchain technology and explore its wide application in business, finance, economics and other areas of potential impacts.

Academic Papers
  • [1] Xiuping Hua, Yiping Huang. (2021). Understanding China’s Fintech Sector: Development, Impacts and Risks. The European Journal of Finance, 27(4-5): 321-333.

  • [2] Ying Jiang, Neil Kellard, Xiaoquan Liu. (2020). Night Trading and Market Quality: Evidence from Chinese and US Precious Metal Futures Markets. The Journal of Futures Markets, 40(10): 1486-1507.

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  • [4] Wei Huang, Mahnoor Sattar. Corporate Finance Policies, Subsidies and R&D: Evidence from China. International Journal of Finance and Economics, published online

Patents and Software Copyrights
The first Blockchain training course of NottingChain


On 14th and 15th December 2019, the first Blockchain training course of NottingChain was successfully held at Citic Ningbo International Hotel.

Topic lecture: The data-driven research on Big Data Credit Investigation


Professor Lean Yu, winner of the National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars, talked about the data-driven research on Big Data Credit Investigation.

Professor Yifu Lin visited the Blockchain Lab


Professor Yifu Lin and his delegation visited the Blockchain Lab leading by professor Xiuping Hua.